The fashion industry has a huge impact in our lives but also in our environment. We used to  follow fashion trends without being aware of the harmful processes of production and the environmental consequences.

But now, things are changing: more and more people are joining the cause, shopping consciously and making sure that what they are buying has been produced with respect for the environment.

One of the main problems is plastic: globally, every year we accumulate a total of 8 million tonnes of plastic, which ends up littering and altering our oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and land.
In India, more than 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste is produced every day.

The hospitality industry, including hotels, can play an important role in promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. We can give plastic a new life by converting it into recycled polyester to make uniforms or fabric products for our business.
Journalist Kapil Bhatia, from ET Hospitality World, talks about recycled polyester, a material derived from plastic waste.

Let's look at the process of converting plastic bottles into an eco-friendly uniform.


What are the positive aspects of using recycled polyester?
Compared to virgin polyester, recycled polyester takes less energy to be produced, so it reduces the industry's carbon footprint and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.
By using recycled polyester, the hospitality industry can actively help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the oceans, conserving natural resources and maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems.
It also prevents pollution as the recycled polyester industry doesn't use harmful chemicals and processes like traditional textile production does.

This is an ethical and progressive industry, which attracts customers who care about the environment, focusing on Green initiatives and working for a better future for us all. 

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