Fourth Transnational Meeting in Reus, Spain

DomSpain hosted the fourth transnational partner meeting of the project in their new premises, in Reus, Spain: , a restored building dating back to the end of the 19th century which preserves its main architectonic features.   

At this two-day meeting, the partners review the training course after some other local pilotings and events had taken place over the summer. All feedback received by potential users and stakeholders has been taken into account and partners go back home with clearer guidelines and steps to improve the material’s quality and the attractiveness and responsiveness of the interface. 

A working session was also devoted to explore new stakeholders’ engagement strategies and campaigns and set a thorough local and international plan to attract more businesses’ interest to the project results. 

The partners had the opportunity to visit several sustainable businesses in the area, such as local cellars or hospitality SMEs based in old refurnished buildings.