ECOSME CONFERENCE - EcoSME: Exploring Sustainability for Future Success in the Hospitality Sector                 


April 2024 marks a significant milestone for the hospitality industry, as the EcoSME Conference unfolds at the BIA Innovator Campus. ATU in conjunction with BIA Innovator Campus are embracing the theme, "Exploring Sustainability for Future Success in the Hospitality Sector," this event is a beacon for sustainable innovation, gathering experts and enthusiasts to shape a greener tomorrow.

The day's proceedings will commence with a welcome address by Micheal Vaughan, of Vaughan Lodge, Co. Clare, a leading figure in eco-conscious hospitality. Followed by a short intorduction by Martin Kelly of BIA and followed by Jacinta Dalton of ATU. Her keynote speech is expected to inspire attendees and lay the foundation for the thought-provoking discussions to follow.

The conference boasts an impressive roster of panellists, each a luminary in their field. The first panel, "Best Practice – Access to Change," moderated by Micheal Vaughan, will feature Enda McEvoy, Chef Proprietor in Galway and an educator, and Jess Murphy, Chef Proprietor at KAI Galway and Conor Spacey, Conor Spacey - Culinary Director, FoodSpace Ireland/Author, "Wasted"/ Co-Founder "The Chef's Manifesto". They will delve into "Greening Your Restaurant" and discuss post-COVID challenges and recovery strategies, providing a real-time Q&A session with the audience accompanied by Cormac Handy of ATU.


Aileen Deacy, Manager for Fáilte Ireland, will bring her expertise to the fore and present the Fáilte Ireland Climate Action plan, alongside Maria Walsh MEP, a member of the Committee on Employment & Social Affairs. Their insights are poised to broaden perspectives on sustainable practices within the industry and EU sustainable policies.


The second panel, focusing on "Economic Sustainability," presents Caroline McDonagh from LEO Galway and Mary Mulvey of Tourism Ireland/Sustainable Tourism Ireland. They, along with Dr James Hanrahan from ATU, will explore financial growth strategies for hospitality, ensuring sustainability is at the core of economic considerations.


In the afternoon, the "Tourism & Accommodation" panel will feature insights from Marian Murnane of the Armada Hotel and Darren Madden of Clew Bay Hotel. Paul Coote from Hotel Doolin and Goretii Silva, IPVC & Project Partner, will join them, addressing how to recognise and overcome barriers within the industry.


A showcase of Partners & Project Resources will provide a platform for partners to present their contributions, further cementing the collaborative nature of this groundbreaking event.


The BIA Innovator Campus is proud to facilitate this forward-thinking conference, ensuring that every aspect of the event aligns with the ethos of innovation and sustainability. The conference will conclude with closing remarks from Micheal Vaughan, encapsulating the day's insights and encouraging ongoing dialogue and action.


As EcoSME continues to push boundaries, this conference stands as a testament to the industry's dedication to sustainability. The convergence of such influential voices at the EcoSME Conference 2024 will undoubtedly spur the hospitality sector towards a future where sustainable success is not just an aspiration but a reality.


In a time when sustainability is paramount, the EcoSME Conference 2024 is not merely an event but a pivotal moment in the hospitality sector's journey to eco-friendly excellence. With a focus on actionable insights and collaborative approaches, this conference is set to chart a new course for the industry, guided by the knowledge and experience of its distinguished speakers.