Since 2015, Irish Chef and Food Educator JP McMahon, (PHD) has been bringing together the top innovators in food from across the globe for a two day symposium called Food on the Edge. Speakers include, chefs, educators, activists, food writers, food producers, beverage experts, tourism operators to name a few, a truly eclectic meeting of minds.

Each year has a central theme but the theme is always centred around the betterment of our food system and creating more sustainable futures. The 2022 event took place in Airfield Estate, Dublin – a wonderful urban farm, which is steeped in history since 1894 and which is now recognised as one of Ireland’s most sustainable immersive visitor experiences. Airfield’s passion is to educate children and families on the impact of their food choices through their many educational community outreach programmes. It is the perfect venue to host an event such as Food on the Edge as its landscape lends itself to mindful thinking about the future of food.

This year’s event was themed “Disruption – Regeneration” with speakers from a range of backgrounds, considering the disruption that covid has caused to business, to life and to the future and how this has given time for reflection on ways in which businesses and indeed individuals need to re-calibrate to embrace sustainable principles for self and for business and to look to regenerative practices for better futures.

Speakers all acknowledged that this is a turbulent time for businesses but agreed that change was necessary and that going back to how things were done before covid is non-negotiable. Food on the Edge is a provocative event for like minded people looking to inspire a better future for the tourism/hospitality sectors. To read more about this event or to read about Airfield Estate, click on the links below and maybe next year you will consider being part of this community of change agents.

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