Eco-friendly practices in the hospitality industry include all practices and activities that hoteliers undertake to make their businesses more sustainable and environmentally friendly. These are innovative and avant-garde businesses that have a long-term vision for the future. 


The foundation for this is hoteliers' own education on the subject.

There are various associations and organizations that offer courses on the implementation of ecological practices in the workplace, with the aim of creating a hotel that leaves no ecological footprint, respects the environment, consumes a minimum of energy and renews and evolves with new technological and environmental advances.

Once this knowledge is assimilated, the corresponding changes are implemented both at the physical level of the hotel and at the level of training of hotel employees. Here, awareness talks and new teaching models for the implementation of environmentally friendly practices are often introduced.


In order to achieve the proposed goal, we need to create a business plan: here we will work on organizing and planning to achieve the goal. This involves breaking down the goal into several sections and subsections, being clear about what needs to be removed, changed, or added, and creating a plan to implement the changes.

There are a number of leading companies and organizations that can help us achieve this goal: TripAdvisor Green Leader, Greenkey, Energy Star, Green Tourism and many others. They can help us design, plan and implement the changes needed to become a greener company and move forward with our project.

Try to find the most effective way to implement the best practices related to respect and protection of the environment. This usually includes reducing electricity consumption, saving water, employee health and well-being, diversity and inclusion, using natural and local ingredients for meals...

In addition, we must dispel the misconception that an eco-efficient hospitality operation has higher maintenance costs than a traditional one;

Once we are better informed, find out that we can save up to 20% on our bills by adopting sustainable practices. 


If you want to start such a business or change your current one but do not know where to start, take the Triple Bottom Line, also known as the three “P's”, as your ideal:


The goal is to achieve the well-being of people and the planet and create prosperity for both.

The point is to abolish practices that harm the environment, and thus directly and indirectly harm people, and replace them with respectful and caring practices.

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