How is the process of booking and staying in a hotel accompanied by an IA?
Here we explain.

Step 1. Research
Let’s start by finding the place where you would like to stay and the experience you would like to live.
Based on the researches previously performed, artificial intelligence algorithms are formed that can analyze guests' preferences and provide them with personalized recommendations. 

This way, strategies to improve the quality of service can be developed and implemented.

Step 2. Season
Depending on the time of year you travel, the price changes.
Seasonal hotel occupancy can be predicted based on historical data and pricing strategies automatically adjusted, improving revenue management.

Step 3. Booking
Once you have found the hotel where you will spend your trip, a robot will help you booking.
Some hotels use chatbots (dialogue-based online communication based on AI) to deliver information to their guests quickly, efficiently and accurately. For example, AI-based chatbots can provide information about reservations, room services and attractions. In addition, voice assistants can help guests check in and out.

Step 4. Linger and enjoy
In rooms, automatic control of lighting, air conditioning and water temperature - all AI-powered - will be used to make hotels more energy efficient.
You'll also feel safer because AI's advanced analytics algorithms and image recognition can detect suspicious activity in advance and prevent fraud and theft attempts.

In summary, AI optimizes hotel booking procedures, guest communications, marketing, security, sales strategies and more.
The use of AI in the hotel industry is expected to increase and spread to become the new hotel model.


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