EcoSME Training Programme

The EcoSME training programme is currently in development and will be coming soon.

This programme will provide businesses with practical, user friendly learning resources, which will assist your business in embracing new sustainable practices that will not only benefit your businesses but also your local communities and ecosystems.

The training programme will include a suite of six modules:

  1. Introduction to Sustainability
  2. Sustainable Business Management
  3. Value Chain Analysis and the Circular Economy
  4. Innovation and Technology
  5. Partnerships and Collaboration for SMEs
  6. Communication and Marketing

The EcoSME Training Programme will provide you with new strategies and resources to implement in your business to help you manage post Covid-19 sustainability challenges and will introduce you to the financial, social and environmental benefits of embracing green principles.

The partners recognise that in order to embrace sustainable change management for the future, lifelong learning opportunities in sustainability are essential and so these modules are underpinned by a competency framework, a tool which identifies gaps in knowledge and skills as well as behaviours and attitudes towards sustainability to develop a customised training programme, based on the research/consultation phase, that is fit for purpose and which takes into account training needs across the partnership jurisdictions. The competency framework does not just address subject area competences but also incorporates digital and transversal skills and competences

Join now and be a part of the systemic change the hospitality industry needs.