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Self-assessment Tool

This Competency Framework has been adapted from GreenComp - The European Competency Framework.

It is designed to assist you reflect on your own knowledge, skills and attitudes to sustainability but to also assist you on your sustainability journey. It is broken into four key sections as outlined in the diagram below. Within each section are three competencies for sustainability - Twelve in Total .

This tool has a two fold purpose

  1. For educators- it details the competencies that are required in sustainability programme development
  2. For practitioners, it is tool to self reflect on your values, knowledge and competencies in Sustainability.


No stars = Zero Competency | 1 -2 stars Little competency | 3-4 Average competency | 5 stars = Competent

Embodying Sustainability Values
Embracing Complexity in Sustainability
Acting for Sustainability
Envisioning sustainable Futures